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Is lee sungyeol really tone deaf? Remember the episode in ranking king when he shouted that he's not tone deaf after answering the question about a certain note.


of course he isn’t tone deaf but compared to the other members on these terms he isn’t the best at it. when sungyeol shouted that out during ranking king my heart just absolutely broke into a million pieces ;; we all know the types of comments people have made/still make about sungyeol and his singing ability and even know he may not show it, he really does take these things to heart and it really upsets me ㅠㅠ

vixx·finite part II for ravishingpanda
INFINITE During The Chaser MV Interview
  • Sung Kyu :

    For our new MV, I was the one standing up! It's a good feeling, because I was the only who knelt down in "Paradise".

  • Sung Yeol :

    It's my first time doing something like driving a motorcycle, so I'm really happy about my role.

  • Dong Woo :

    Same here! I shattered some light bulbs, as well.

  • Hoya :

    I was in the set full of mirrors and I was filmed while wall-climbing. It's a new experience for me, so I cherish my parts so much.

  • Sung Jong :

    I rarely get instructed to be serious, but I like my part in The Chaser! I hope I'm manlier now, Inspirits!

  • Woo Hyun :

    Though I didn't have a lot or air time, I like my outfit very much. I think my vocals and our harmony improved, as well.

  • Myung Soo :

    .... I rolled in a car for four minutes.


Zhehun’s first giveaway! 

HELLO FRIENDS wowow I’ve been saving up for this giveaway since about?? Two months ago?? I have a lot of spare cash and I wanted to hold a giveaway because I just reached 4K followers heck yeah

There will be 2 winners!

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Myungsoo with kids


Well, that didn't go as planned...

When Hoya tries to race with idk what that is (Wolverine claws….??)….


sunggyu’s way of unsuspiciously filming videos


no butt nipple part of the body is safe

Woohyun’s face in the first gif is totally a “not in front of the guys honey” face though please

Why is it they just all laugh at this like it’s something they do all the time do you habitually try to pinch each other’s nipples


look at hoya hes so proud